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Get the Best Medical Billing services for your Organization

For healthcare service providers who offer medical services to patients, streamlining the medical billing process is an essential to guarantee continued, long term activities. From streamlining the complex collection procedure to check the continuous decline in repayments and fulfilling HIPAA prerequisites, there are different steps that comprise the medical billing procedure and lead to the fruitful closure of the revenue generation cycle.

When an organization decides to build a unit especially dedicated to medical billing service, it has to make huge investments. These investments are done in multiple stages such as infrastructure development, hiring the trainers, and training cost etc. To handle the complex medical billing process it is better for the healthcare organizations to outsource the task to expert Revenue Cycle Management firms. This will help you to focus on your core functions which are to provide healthcare services to patients. The success of an expert RCM firm lies in the customers’ ability to achieve their business objectives, to support their mission and values, and to better care for their patients. Some of the functions of a RCM firm are:

  •  Eligibility Verification: By using technology and calling insurance organizations, the agency will get answers to the questions you need, post them back into your practice management system, search and attach existing plans and create new ones. They have better database management systems to record the details related to the patients for future and on the day of your appointments as well as walk-ins.
  •  Payment Posting: They may sometimes post payments from EOB’s or lock boxes, process adjustments and denials and attach EOB’s to the patient record.
  •  Certified Coding: They are well trained to handle all the paperwork required for coding and enrollment to your doctors in Medicare or commercial insurance plans, keeping track of dates.
  •  Authorization: They can also furnish weekly & monthly reports for the Practitioners and analyze the reports on how much we billed Vs collected. This helps in proper authorization of the claims.
  •  Denial Management: They provide services related to the research open claims, find out why their claims have been denied and are unpaid and resubmit if necessary, attaching any missing documents.
  •  AR Management: As your group grows; your Accounts Payable department grows with it. An expert RCM medical billing provider will produce predictable, efficient and quality-focused handling of your accounts payable every time.
  •  Patient Collections: They will keep your fee schedules up to date allowing for proper treatment plans and the submission of “clean claims.” This will help in smooth payment collection.
  •  Old AR Management: Before you move data into a new practice management system or from a practice you acquire into your system, the RCM firm may review plans in the system and clean up the records of duplicates and move patients to the correct plans and claims to the right patients. If you ask them to provide cleaning services, they will also clean up old accounts receivables.