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The Process of Outsourcing Medical Billing Services

For healthcare providers offering high-end critical care services, optimizing the medical billing processes is of the daunting tasks. Having said that, it is also the fact that required prime attention to ensure sustained of the long-term operations. It requires paying close attention to a wide array of tasks including everything from complex collection processes to handling denials in reimbursements and satisfying various standards like HIPPA. PRove IT Catalysts is here to solve this issue for you. We are one of the expert providers of standard-compliant Medical Billing Services. We are pioneers in simplifying billing processes for small and mid-sized practices.

Our highly qualified and experienced team of professionals strives to ensure increased reimbursements and minimized losses. Spread across the USA, our gamut of services includes helping clients with claim processing for the providers of varying specialty.

 However, our feature-rich services also include payment posting, denial fixation, aging credentialing, rejections, and much more. Our high-end medical billing services provide you the output of great quality and accuracy while eliminating the factors that cause hiccups or glitches, thus ensuring a worry-free process for you.

With years of experience in the industry, PRove IT Catalysts helps you with its robust capabilities that benefit you in multiple ways. With a deep understanding of security measures, we ensure that you do not have to compromise on data security.

Our assured accuracy, ability to ramp up resources according to varying business demands, and swift turnaround time make us outshine the competitors in the dynamic business landscape.

Our gamut of services includes (but not limited to):

1.        Eligibility verification/ Pre-insurance verification

2.        Checks for pre-authorization or referral

3.        Medical coding

4.        Charge Entry

5.        Claim Transmission

6.        Payment posting

7.        Accounts receivable follow-up

8.        Insurance follow-up

9.        Denial management

10.    Patient follow-up/ patient statements

11.    Reporting

12.    Credit balances

13.    Provider enrollment and credentialing

14.    Quality assurance (QA)

15.    Medical record indexing